Kitesurfing in Brighton

It was one of those weeks when the wind was howling nonstop for days on end. So late one Friday afternoon after a hard day at work we decided to head to the coast and take advantage of this wonderful British summer weather with our cameras! Strong winds whipped at our faces and spray puffed off the ocean waves – perfect conditions for kitesurfing in Brighton. We watched as the hard-core surfers battled the blustery winds to prepare their colourful kites before braving the cold waters of the English Channel. What a shame the sea wasn’t turquoise blue and the beach wasn’t covered with beautiful girls in bikinis… perhaps another time, another place miles away from here.

With so much fun and excitement we decided to come back the following day. So very early on Saturday morning we returned to the seafront but this time round with much warmer clothes on. The sky was blue with some white puffy clouds on the horizon. With the winds still strong, once again the adrenaline driven kite surfers were out and about tackling what the rough seas of the English Channel had to offer. As they sped across the water in front of the striking backdrop of the derelict West pier and with plenty of shots in the bag we decided to head back home.

So here goes, a compilation of some of the shots taken over two days at a very windy Brighton and Hove beach, although the photos really don’t do it justice!

With gusts well over 40mph, needless to say that by the time we got home, we felt like we had just gone through a tumble dryer… on a cold setting that is!

Isle of Wight and back in 90 minutes

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with a gorgeous blue sky and no clouds on the horizon, we took a trip to the Isle of Wight – by plane. This day will imprint itself upon the history of 2012 as being the point when summer finally hit, although it didn’t last very long, after all this is England! From above, with people chilling out in the sun, enjoying bike rides, burgers and bikinis, the world looks relaxed and worry free. As the sun kept shining and the wind kept blowing, with my mate Dan at the controls, we headed west to the Isle of Wight, admiring the beauty from above.

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Me at work, trying not to get sucked out of the plane…

Chasing some boats along the way…

The Needles, Isle of Wight – needs to be seen from above to appreciate its beauty.

This is where it ends, well it wasn’t our choice but with fuel running low, we thought we’d better land. With a great day behind us and happy memories, off we went to the pub for refuelling!